Welcome To Microcredit Initiative of Grameen (MIG)

MIG provides at present the basic loan to poor for undertaking income generating activities for gainful employment. The collateral free basic loan is given for activities like purchase of sheep, sewing machines, petty shops, weaving, etc. The loans are given and repayment is collected at the doorsteps of borrowers to make the entire transaction hassle free to the borrowers. Read More..

Basic Loan

A basic, no frills home loan with a lower variable interest rate. Features include reducing or avoiding Lender's Mortgage Insurance when a family member provides additional security for part of your loan, redraw, repayment pause and more.


Home Loan

Home loan as name suggest is the loan against buying property. Every individual currently have dreams to have their own home. To make affordable best option is home loan. Again their are sub-categories of home loans which are as below.


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