Micro credit:

MIG has been focussing on provision of micro credit to poor particularly to women in the rural areas to help assist them to get gainfully employed for their sustenance. MIG through its Kerala Project has provided loans to poor for the purposes like Purchase of Goats, sewing machines,weaving,cloth business, petty shops, vegetable selling, soap making and small beauty parlours etc. The collateral free loans are given to the poor at their door steps to avoid all the hassles to the prospective borrowers.

Gender Equality:

The role of gender equality in the process of development is well recognised. Keeping this in view MIG also focusses on the women borrowers of micro credit. All the beneficiaries of MIG Kerala project are women engaged in income generating activities. MIG also makes efforts to improve the financial literacy of the local women by providing them employment opportunities in its project offices. It provides intensive in house as well as overseas financial training to its local employees which is a step in the direction of financial literacy.

Training to Indian Grameen Partners and peers:

One of the objective of MIG is to conduct theoretical and practical training to those interested in replicating Grameen Model for dispensing Micro Credit for poverty alleviation. MIG so far has conducted such programmes in association with Grameen Trust (GT) Bangladesh in Kolkata, West Bengal and Bengaluru, Karnataka.


MIG encourages academia by providing guidance to those students who are interested in pursuing their post-Graduation curriculum in micro credit particularly with focus on Grameen Model. Also it helps in placing students for on field experience and learning.

Social Business:

In pursuance of dream of Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus for developing “Social Business for creating a new Social Order” MIG encourages innovative business ideas that would address the prevalent social issues in the country including but not limited to alleviation of poverty, promotion of health, education , technology access and environment etc. MIG itself operates on principles of Social Business. Besides MIG is associated in promoting social businesses through a Not for Profit Organisation, namely, Yunus Social Business Fund Mumbai Pvt Ltd. (YSBFM). YSBFM finances and encourages only such organisations which are committed to “Social Business” and are not motivated by profit maximisation.


MIG provides at present the basic loan to poor for undertaking income generating activities for gainful employment. The collateral free basic loan is given for activities like purchase of sheep, sewing machines, petty shops, weaving, etc. The loans are given and repayment is collected at the doorsteps of borrowers to make the entire transaction hassle free to the borrowers.